When we talk about water-based adhesives in the wood industry, we refer to polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) or EVA copolymers resins dispersion in water.

Water-based adhesion occurs via the solidification of glue. Once the water evaporates, the so called polymer film forms. 

CO.VI.COL. offers a wide range of products for the wood industry.

The high-quality raw materials our water-based adhesives are produced with, ensure long lasting excellent hold. 

Our strength is the possibility to offer customised products according to the client’s specific needs. On top of that, we are also distributors for important brands of the wood industry.


Assembly, dowelling, flat lamination, solid wood, laminated wood, blockboard gluing, panel production, veneered wood gluing, water-resistant gluing, production of edges, postforming, plastic and metal material gluing, hard wood gluing.

  • Multi-purpose PVAc adhesives
  • EN 204-205 D3 certified PVAc adhesives
  • EN 204-205 D4 certified single component PVAc adhesives
  • WATT 91 certified PVAc adhesives
  • Formaldehyde free PVAc adhesives
  • Customised PVAc adhesives
  • EVA copolymers adhesives
  • EPI adhesives