RIEPE Systems allow the production of “FINISH“ quality edged panels. Besides the electronically-controlled plants and the installation and maintenance service, we can offer liquids and consumer products in order to obtain a panel with no glue residues or production cut-offs.


RIEPE LP 113/03 Release agent sprayed before the second machinery stage, on the back corner of the already-edged panel in order to stop the excess glue pressed by the pressure roller from adhering.

RIEPE LPZII Release agent applied on both sides of the panel on the bottom of the edging mailing cutters in order to stop the glue from adhering on the flat surface of the panel. 

RIEPE TH97 High-temperature resistant release agent used on post or soft forming machines. It’s an alternative to LPZII, for high-temperature areas.

RIEPE NFLY Gliding product. The Application of a gliding layer on the edge stops polished or very delicate surfaces from being damaged by the touch probes. It can also be used to avoid the glue from sticking to the pressure roller.

AGENTE LP120/12 Release agent applied on pressar rollers at intervals.  It can be used on high-temperature areas and avoids friction and scratching. It is used to stop the glue from building up on the pressure rollers. It’s an alternative to NFLY, for hot air machines and lasers.

RIEPE LP 289/99 Cooler applied after gluing the edge. It causes immediate cooling to the surface layer of the glue stopping the build up of warm glue on the tools and it neutralises electrostatic discharges promoting the cut-offs suction.

AGENTE WZG 12  Cooler applied on the top and bottom of the item. It is used to cool down the glue line and removing electrostatic discharges from the edge. Tools are cleaner from glue residues and it prevents edges from cracking.

RIEPE LP163/93 Cleaner. Thanks to it and to the cleaning discs action, every residue of release agent is removed as well as possible glue residues on the panel itself.

RIEPE 305/98 Powerful manual cleaner used to clean panels. It works perfectly on any hot-melt non-reactive glue. It removes residues of glue, grease and dust. It dries quickly and doesn’t leave marks. RIEPE 305/98 is non-toxic.

RIEPE 407/13 Cleaner for feed chains, pressure rollers and rubber parts. It is designed to not damage plastic materials.

HYDROPEN- RIEPE LPH/19 Hydrophobic liquid for laser or glue joints. This polyurethane-based product is designed to seal panel joints and prevent possible water infiltrations through the panel.

DISCHI PANNO/PANNO FIBRA SISAL Special brushes to be used with RIEPE LP 163/93 cleaner. They remove burrs and cut residues, reduce thermoplastic edges whitening and polish the edges.